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    Highlight The Best Rental Features
    Nimmadhi August 10, 2019

    Highlight The Best Rental Features

    Highlight The Best Rental Features

    Each property has its own special features that make it unique and it is these features that attract new tenants, therefore, must be showcased in the best possible light. While this can be tricky, there are ways in which to do it and they don’t require outsourcing expensive professionals and a large budget.

    1. Photograph the Sellable Features

    Identify the best features of the rental property and use these features, whatever they may be, for your photographs. Photographs are used to attract tenants, therefore, should focus on design and functionality features that potential tenants want to see. Ensure the photographs encompass the features by using multiple photographs in a collage. One of the top features tenants like to see is the kitchen. Highlight its space, counter tops, ambiance, etc. to capture their interest.

    2. Ensure Photographs are High Quality

    There’s no need to be, or hire, a professional photographer because smartphones these days typically come with expert quality cameras. Using your smartphone or even an inexpensive digital camera will allow you to capture depth and field with high-resolution. Check out the latest devices if yours isn’t quite up to date. It’s a worthwhile investment that will have you capturing the top features like a pro.

    3. Wow Them with a Virtual Tour

    You can capture your entire rental property, especially the sellable features, with your high-resolution video capabilities of your mobile device. Map out the best route of the property that highlights the best features, record it and upload it online.

    4. Include Important Data

    Potential tenants aren’t only looking for the perfect house, but the perfect location too. Use attractive data to highlight the sellable features such as outside features in the neighborhood, crime stats and distance to important local facilities.

    5. Testimonials

    Word of mouth is one of the best marketing strategies because it is real evidence from people who have actual experience. Ask previous tenants to provide a short testimonial that you can feature on your social media or website.

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