Ways to Protect Your Walls

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    Ways to Protect Your Walls
    Nimmadhi January 10, 2020

    Ways to Protect Your Walls

    Ways to Protect Your Walls

    During rainy season

    When it is monsoon season, you’ll notice the exteriors of your walls, as well as the interiors in some cases, take a beating. They start getting damp and absorb water. Apart from leaving water stains and causing mould to grow, they also weaken your walls.

    You need to call in painters who can help you choose the right paints for your interiors and exteriors. Normally, Silicon-Based paints are a good bet as they prevent dampness and prevents fungal growth on walls as well.

    Rainfall during monsoon season can be detrimental for the interiors and exteriors of your house. Painting your walls during the rainy season is a complete waste of time. This is because rains will constantly stop the painting process.

    Painting enhances the look of your house and also protects the walls. Rushing through the entire task will only lead to unevenly painted surfaces which can damage the walls.

    Invest in Primer paints

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    Primers are generally applied on walls to prevent it from eroding due to alkali formation. Walls are also prone to the formation of white salt patches called efflorescence.

    Coating these walls with a layer of primer paint can prevent this from occurring. Primer paints use a kind of technology that prevents walls from accumulating dust and also puts a stop to water absorption.

    Water damage is damage that happens because of broken or leaking pipes or an overhead tank leak. In this case too, you need to watch out for damp spots, water stains on the wall and growth of fungus and mould.

    In such cases, the first thing you need to do is hire a good plumber to source and fix the leak. There is no point of re-painting the wall without fixing the main problem.

    Once the leak is fixed, allow ample time for the wall to dry before fixing the damage that was caused. Keep in mind, paint needs to dry properly to give you the best results. So, never paint during the rainy season or on damp walls.

    Remember, only experienced painters, and plumbers will provide you with the right advice and help you keep your walls in pristine condition. The best part is you can find them all on Nimmadhi!