People will have to carry oxygen cylinder soon

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    People will have to carry oxygen cylinder soon
    Nimmadhi November 28, 2019

    People will have to carry oxygen cylinder soon

    People will have to carry oxygen cylinder soon

    As the pollution levels in New Delhi turn for the worse, the demand for fresh air in an “oxygen bar” it makes laughing, but it is the result of our earth is in dangerous condition

    Recently Delhi & Chennai facing air pollution, peoples concerned as to whether of Chennai will also go to Delhi way, The cause for this concern is the troubling air quality levels recorded in various parts of the city over the last few days.

    The Air Quality Index in India’s capital is in the severe category, an oxygen bar in New Delhi, offers fresh air in a variety of flavors, starting at 299 rupees to 500 rupees for a 15-minute session.

    Delhi people are now want to breathe clean air. to deal with such a situation, Delhi got its first-ever oxygen bar, named Oxy Pure, in South Delhi’s. Founded by Aryavir Kumar and Margarita Kuritsyana, you can inhale 80 to 90 per cent pure oxygen for around 15 min, starting from Rs. 299.

    Different fragrance:

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    This unique oxygen bar was launched in May and customers can select from several fragrance. The aromas available in this bar include peppermint, orange, cinnamon, eucalyptus, lavender, spearmint or lemongrass. The air they breathe is generated by an “oxygen concentrating machine” that purifies the air around it and delivers it to the customer.

    Under normal circumstances, the air humans breathe contains only 20% oxygen. Extremely high levels of oxygen could actually be harmful, causing lung damage and possibly even death.

    Health benefits of oxygen:

    Oxygen has many proven health benefits, it helps the body to rebuild itself, detoxifies the blood, increases circulation and strengthens the immune system.

    A few of the lifestyle health benefits associated with oxygen intake are higher concentration, alertness and help fight depression. It further helps with relaxation and sleep disorders, prevents disease, relieves hangovers, and alleviate headaches.

    How it works:

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    A cannula which is a flexible tube that splits into. A cannula which is a flexible tube that splits into two small prongs fits loosely around the head and the prongs rest just inside the nostrils to deliver the oxygen. The user has to breathe normally and relax.

    Uses of oxygen bar:

    The concept might be new in India but many countries have oxygen bars for recreational purposes and aromatherapy. The session hopes to displace harmful free radicals and neutralizes anaerobic infectious bacteria as well as environmental toxins. It supposedly has many health benefits as it helps the body to rebuild itself, increases oxygen circulation while strengthening the immune system.

    It will not cure any diseases, and that It is purely for rejuvenation like a spa.