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    Wall Maintenance Tips for your Home
    Priya November 16, 2020

    Wall Maintenance Tips for your Home

    Wall Maintenance Tips for your Home

    Walls in every home have a story to tell. They tell you a lot about the type of people living in that home and reveal a lot about family members’ personality. Wall maintenance is one of the important responsibility of our home. The walls in your home serve many purposes, they carry the load and support your roof and ceiling, they protect you from the elements outside and they act as a beautiful part of your décor.

    Regular Home maintenance can save your money & human health too. Different wall surfaces require different methods of care. Usually, wall finishes are putty, paint, Plaster of Paris etc.

    During the rains:

    When it is monsoon season, you’ll notice the exteriors of your walls, as well as the interiors in some cases, take a beating. They start getting damp and absorb water. Apart from leaving water stains and causing mould to grow, they also weaken your walls.

    Remove dust from walls:

    The first and easy tip for maintaining your wall – Dust it to keep it clean. Keeping your walls clean not only cuts down on dust/ dirt in your house but also makes your wall look better and helps to keep the paint in a good condition. It also prevents the wall from surface deterioration& indoor air pollution. Use a feather duster or long-handled broom or dry cloth to remove dust and dry dirt from the surface.

    Its depends on the type of paint used and the wall texture. Be careful while cleaning the walls and avoid rubbing too hard on the wall as you might create a stain or remove the paint texture on the wall. Make use of water and a clean sponge/paper towel to clean the wall.

    Stain removing:

    One of the major problems on your walls is the stains created by your children or accidently. Stains can be either of oil based things or can be waterborne. To clean them you can use a wet cloth and get rid of the waterborne stains. For oil stains like cooking grease, crayons and others, you can make use of a mild dishwashing soap.

    Leakage in the wall:

    It is very important that you observe and repair all the water related sources to your wall. If there is a water or sewage leakage which touches your wall, there are increased chances of the wall becoming weak. This is the major cause for most of the walls to collapse. To avoid this make sure that you do not have a leaky drain pipe or sewage near your wall foundation. Also check for any moss growth and eliminate them if any by using moss cleaners.

    Repaint your old painted wall

    This is one of the easiest steps to give your wall a fresh look. If walls of your home are worn out and old, you can always change the look by repainting the wall with the same colour or different ones. Its the easiest ways for giving your wall a fresh look.

    Most interior decorative ideas are based on changing the look of your wall by painting, pasting wall papers, blending of different colours, using wall textures and creating various designs on the wall.

    Purpose of the walls in buildings are to support roofs, floors and ceilings; to enclose a space as part of the building envelope along with a roof to give buildings form; and to provide shelter and security. Hence maintenance of both interior and exterior walls is important. This is also one of the significant part of Home maintenance.

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