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    Winter Climate Tips
    Gowsalya November 20, 2020

    Winter Climate Tips

    Winter Climate Tips

    If you live in a chilly climate, you have probably had to deal with at least one of these problems at some point. Thankfully, there are some design moves that can help you avoid common winter problems. Here are design and construction moves that are tailor made for winter climates.


    South-facing windows:

    Maximize sunlight with banks of windows positioned on the south-facing side of your home to take in the most light and warmth each day. On the north side, windows should be minimal. Each position has different requirements in terms of glazing, so talk to a window pro to get advice that specific to your home.

    The right window style:

    Classic single and double hung windows, as well as sliding windows, tend to leak more air. Choose window to keep off the sun or rain. casement or fixed windows for a tighter seal.

    Seal your windows and doors:

    Another efficient way to winter-proof your home is to make sure your doors and windows do not have any open space from where the chilly winter winds can enter the house. Always recheck your doors and windows in case they need any repairs.

    Moreover, you can also repaint your windows or apply caulks to seal the gaps around the window and door moldings. This will help in blocking the potential entry points for cold air.


    Install a heating system

    Heating appliances play an essential role as they help in keeping your home heated during the winter season. In case your room heater requires a replacement or repair, get it done beforehand. While searching for a new heating system, remember to check its quality and select the one that requires minimal maintenance.

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    Active solar:

    Live in a region with chilly winters but plenty of sunlight? Harness that energy by installing solar panels on your roof, and you may be able to cut way down on your heating bill. An active solar heating system,which usually includes panels as well as a storage tank of heated liquid can collect and store energy from the sun, which can then be used to heat your home through radiant heat in the floors or baseboard heaters.

    An efficient woodstove:

    Some of the newest woodstoves and pellet stoves are extremely efficient and clean-burning, making a woodstove an appealing option for heating a cold-climate home, especially if you have easy access to firewood.

    Radiant heat:

    This heating system is installed below the floors of a home, providing an efficient heat source, and making toes nice and warm.


    Well-insulated pipes:

    Avoid the dreaded pipe-bursting scenario by making sure your pipes are in insulated walls and are well away from unprotected areas. Any pipes near uninsulated areas should be well wrapped with insulation to protect them from freezing.

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    Keep your interiors smelling fresh

    Winter makes it hard to open your doors and windows, which means your home might not smell fresh. To make your furniture and carpets smell fresh, sprinkle some baking soda fifteen minutes before brushing or vacuuming. You can also add drops of essential oils inside your toilet paper roll to make your bathroom smell better.

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